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Erika SporalskyErika Sporalsky

For over 20 years, Erika has been involved with various aspects of the horse industry.  From her early participation in hunter/jumper and dressage to her current love of reining, each discipline plays a role in her teaching and training style.  She began instructing as a fill-in for her trainer during high school.  In 1996, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences from Oregon State University, where she also became certified in the Riding Instruction Program.  She has spent the last several years studying Resistance Freeģ techniques under the renowned instructor/trainer, Richard Shrake.  Richard Shrake with Erika and Ken SporalskyIn May 2006, Erika completed the final step in Mr. Shrakeís Instructor Certification program.  She is excited to be a part of his team, and has been honored to learn from such a great horseman.

While teaching is definitely her vocational passion, Erika also enjoys showing and training.

Ken SporalskyKen Sporalsky

Ken has been a resident of Bend, Oregon since 1979.  He has over 20 years of horse experience, and has been spending the last several years studying natural horse training techniques.  His training philosophy and program incorporates influences from Richard Shrake and John Lyons, as well as many others.  Kenís training is focused on the exciting sport of reining.  Ken and Erika enjoyed attending a clinic by the current number one reining trainer, Shawn Flarida.  Ken is always excited to learn new techniques to add to his training repertoire.

Kenís demeanor is calm and patient when working with you and your horse.  His desire is to help your horse achieve its greatest potential.  The first steps toward reaching that goal are to have a horse that is soft in the bridle and relaxed in the mind.  From start to finish, these steps are fundamentals that cannot be forgotten no matter what discipline you choose.

Ken and Erika work as a team in developing horse and rider, as well as caring for your horseís needs here at Juniper Trails.


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